Berichten uit Sincrai


Dear friends,
Please find attached some photos made today after the Christmas church service.
Thanks again for the beautiful presents - as well as for the good wishes and postcard!
Wish you all the best in the coming new year!
Janos, Emese and the people of Sincrai






December 2011


De volgende foto's kregen wij van Janos uit Sincrai.

Deze zijn genomen tijdens het kerstfeest, hier ziet u de gemeente die de kerstgroet

uit Schoonhoven hebben ontvangen. Een kaart met een amaryllis bol.




Augustus 2009

De volgende foto's kregen wij van Janos uit Sincrai.

Tijdens de Roemeniėreis van oktober 2008 is er aan de kinderen een speeltoestel aangeboden.

Inmiddels staat het toestel er en kunnen de kinderen naar hartenlust spelen.



Januari 2008

De volgende brief en foto's kregen wij van Janos uit Sincrai,


Dear Friends,

last saturday the Christmas food parcells arrived. I've got a van and helped by some young people from the

congregation, we vent to Sf.Gheorghe to picked up the parcels from the truck, as there are some 50 cm of

snow in the village and it is impossible to come in with a large truck... But everything is OK and wish to thank

you again for this present!

At the end of November, we have elected a new presbitery and a new curator (leader of the presbiters). The

new curator is Laci Koman (the young one), and there are also many young people among the presbiters.

They are very enthousiastic and active and I am very happy to work together with them. Today in the

afternoon some of them will come to distribute the parcells. We have made a list of old people, so 22 parcells

will go to them, and of families with children, other 15 parcells will go to these. We kept 3 parcells for some

very poor families. I think we use your donation in the best way as possible.

Your financial help you sent this year helped also to keep our finances in balance, so we can end this year

without a deficit, even more, we were able to do small repairings: in November, our congregation house got a

new floor (see picture in the next email). Now is warmer and nicer than before and people like it!

We are preparing for Christmas. Days are running very fast at the end of the year and everybody is very tired.

Emese has plenty of work, Abigel and Daniel wish to have some holiday without books and school... We hope

to have some peace and rest on the coming celebration...

What is new in Schoonhoven? Do you have a new pastor? What is with Inneke? Everything is OK?

I am planning to make a trip to Holland in April 2008 (visit to Ermelo together with 1 or 2 former students of my

school). It would be good to see you as well... I will let you know about as I will know details.

Wish you and to all friends a blessed Christmas and a peacefull new year.
With love,
Janos + Emese + children